All our kids’ marketing services are tailored to our targets in terms of need, language and trends among boys and girls.
From branding and creating brand identity, kids’ marketing strategies, design, social network management aimed at children, young people and families, public relations… Check out all our services and choose the one you need. We’re waiting for you!


If you need advice on how to build a creative strategy, product, advertising or digital campaign for a young, teen or family audience, The Modern Kids and Family would love to work with you.

Marketing to kids and young people in new territories and markets

The Modern Kids and Family will help you to explore new markets beyond your target audience. We have worked with brands and clients in all areas, all with one mission in common: to work with ideas aimed at children.

New products for children

If you need advice on whether your new product is a good fit for kids, teens or families, or how to achieve this, TMKF can answer your questions.

Creative kids’ marketing consultancy

Kids’ marketing is based on a creative idea. Knowing how to sell your story in the best possible way to reach a young audience is very important, and we can help you to make your ideas a reality in the best possible way.

Creative conceptualisation for kids

But a creative idea is just one of many aspects to take into consideration. You also need a concept that is coherent with your brand and your target audience.

Strategy for kids’ and young people’s products

Not sure how to sell your product to children and teenagers? The Modern Kids and Family is ready to devise a winning strategy.

Advertising and marketing strategy for kids and young people

Now you have your creative idea and a product strategy for your campaign. It’s time to get noticed! We help you establish a media network to get the most from your brand.

Digital strategy aimed at kids and young people

Marketing to kids and young people means talking to an online audience. At TMKF we advise you on the digital strategy your product needs.

Adapting strategies and campaigns to legal and self-regulatory requirements

We also offer legal advice to ensure that all your ideas and campaigns comply fully with self-regulatory requirements.



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