All our kids’ marketing services are tailored to our targets in terms of need, language and trends among boys and girls. From branding and creating brand identity, kids’ marketing strategies, design, social network management aimed at children, young people and families, public relations… Check out all our services and choose the one you need. We’re waiting for you!


Kids’ and teen digital marketing is just as important as traditional advertising. At The Moder Kids and Family, we work in all areas needed for success in the digital sphere: social media management and strategy, channels, media campaigns, creation of a digital piece, websites, apps aimed at children, teens and families.

Creation, strategy and social media management for kids

Effective use of social media is essential nowadays. It is the language spoken by kids and teens and is a channel for connecting with their parents. One of our primary kids’ marketing services overseeing brand management on social media, creating content and customising the message for each network, but we also develop strategies from scratch if necessary.

Creating and managing online campaigns aimed at kids and teens

We translate the brand’s message to a digital language and decide which new paths the products will need to take in the future. At The Modern Kids and Family, we will help you sell your brand online by creating and managing campaigns.

Creating Digital Pieces Aimed at Kids

In the current digital era, sending a text message is no longer enough, and audiovisual content is just as (if not more) relevant. We create the necessary graphics and audiovisual pieces to complement your online campaign and attract your audience’s attention.

Creating and developing kids’ project websites

If you think your social networks and online activities could be better, another child-focused service we provide is the creation and development of websites to gather and add to all the information you want to put out there about your brand.

Creating mobile applications (apps) for kids

We adapt everything to mobile apps. We know that kids and teens now use phones and tablets more than computers, which is why we adjust our work to their current habits to ensure they receive your message loud and clear.

Online media planning for kids’ marketing campaigns

Among the kids’ digital marketing services offered by The Modern Kids and Family are campaign communication services and management appearances in media and online channels and actions such as banners, investments in social networks, and YouTube advertisements.



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