KIDS breakfasts

> Meetings of professionals where to talk about what we like the most:
Communication and marketing for children

A gathering of communication and marketing professionals where we debate, reflect and share experiences and knowledge about communication with kids and teens.
Everything revolves around an interesting conversation topic and a delicious breakfast.




Since 2004, we have been organising Kids Breakfasts in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Montevideo (Uruguay), where we discuss topics like:

  • Schools as a key place for connecting with kids
  • Shopping centres as key places for connecting with families.
  • Children’s television.
  • The new communication channels with teens.
  • Successful promotions.
  • Football as an emotional space.
  • Experiential marketing.
  • Social media and young people.
  • Children’s creativity.
  • How to build a brand with values for families.

And just imagine all the topics yet to be discussed!

More than 130 companies and 250 professionals have had breakfast and played with us.
See you at the next Kids Breakfast?