All our kids’ marketing services are tailored to our targets in terms of need, language and trends among boys and girls.
From branding and creating brand identity, kids’ marketing strategies, design, social network management aimed at children, young people and families, public relations… Check out all our services and choose the one you need. We’re waiting for you!


We help brands make their kids’ public relations campaigns a success, getting the message over and reaching their target audience. Another of our kids’ marketing services is the development of communication strategies designed to connect with a specific and essential target – kids and teens – or to reach a broader target like families.
With brand communication strategies or brand ambassador programmes, we reach and impact specific audiences like kids, families and schools in a different way, always bearing in mind that our audience is unique.

Public relations experts in kids, schools and families

As a Kids’ Marketing Agency, we work on kids’ public relations on all current platforms and through the most popular channels among our potential audience, using a message and language that the kids and teens feel is their own. Another critical aspect is to find the most appropriate broadcaster for your target audience, through campaigns with popular influencers or brand ambassadors that are comfortable with a kids and teen audience.

Public relations actions with families

We devise useful, positive strategies and content for family public relations, finding the best way to convey the message, the most appropriate means for the brand, the channels that fit best and the perfect moment to launch the communication campaign.

We work with schools, an eminently important content channel in the lives of children and teaching, drafting press releases for publication in education media or newsletter for the school community.
We create kids’ public relations strategies that convey brand values and tools to teachers, kids, teens, and families.



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